Thin Secret Garcinia – Shed Unwanted Pounds And Get Perfect Shape!

Packaged in a white sturdy bottle with grey round strips and asymmetrical designs adorning in orange and green, Thin Secret Garcinia seems like a better than average weight supplement. But a book can’t be judged solely by its cover so here is a review on the product…find out how it benefits body…or triggers side effects!


It is a weight management and diet curbing supplement that promises to help out in burning empty calories and fats. It states that it keeps body slim, well sculpted and prevented from unwanted fat deposits.

Check out the ingredients

Each serving contains Garcinia Cambogia Fruit rind extract with 60% HCA (100mg), Calcium and Potassium (50 mg each), and Chromium (200mcg). A single serving comprises 2 capsules.

How does Thin Secret Garcinia work?

Garcinia Cambogia fruit grows on the latter’s tree that belongs to the genus called Garcinia and grows largely in South Asian region. The fruit’s rind is used in making the supplement as it contain concentrated, Hydroxycitric Acid.

HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid is the key factor that gives the supplement it prowess to develop healthy and slim shape. HCA naturally triggers suppression of excessive cravings for high carbs or sugary treats. Intake of HCA controls the calories taken by the body. HCA has also lowers the fat storing mechanisms’ action by inhibiting citrate lyase. This enzyme called citrate lyase coverts and helps in fat absorption so by blocking it, the body maintains a healthy fat percentage and improved metabolic activity.

Emotional cravings appear when the mood is low or serotonin and binge eating instances happen when the brain doesn’t signal the body to stop eating. HCA restores serotonin levels and enables controlled eating. Due to better serotonin, the mood also stays happy and up.

Directions to use supplement

Users can take 1000 to 1500 mg of the serving each day. Adults should not exceed 2-3 capsules. Dosage should be taken half to 2 hours prior to a meal with sufficient water.

Instructions when using Thin Secret Garcinia

Users should remember that the supplement is only a short term fix for weight loss. In the long run, they will need to maintain the slim body by exercising and focusing on calorie intake.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects as noted and reported by users of the product.

However, if users feel nausea or headaches, dosage should be discontinued. Dosage should never be increased without consulting with a Physician.

Thin Secret Garcinia Pros

The supplement is suitable for vegans-vegetarians since it has no animal derived ingredients.

Contains zero wheat, soy, milk, peanut, egg or shellfish

Healthy for short term weight loss

Pure HCA win 60% concentrated quantity per serving (1000mg serving)

Healthy, side effect free

User friendly, users need not force themselves on any diet as supplement triggers natural diet suppression


It is only a short term formula so those who are not used to dieting-exercising won’t be able to maintain results

Availability is problematic since it hard to find in the non-offline market

Is it recommended?

Users of the product have maintained a positive stance on the results and said that they loved how well it worked in such a short span. Many users credit the use of Thin Secret Garcinia to help them develop healthy dietary habits. In addition, many users stated that they had successful weight loss results and were able to maintain them ever after discontinuing usage.

The ingredient has been used as a purgative for by natives so Pregnant as well as nursing women should not use it.

Users with a history of medical issues should seek professional supervision before using.

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